Photo by Cornilia Sidira
Photo by Cornilia Sidira

I am a multi-instrumentalist and composer, focusing mainly on woodwind instruments, but also piano, singing, studying traditional, classical and spiritual musics from around the world and composing new music.

I have studied and played music from the age of 7 – the baroque recorder being my first instrument- and then going on to study the piano & cello, baroque music, harmony and counterpoint, finishing my studies in European classical music in 2002. I hold a degree in Musicology from the School of Fine Arts of Aristotle University of Thessaloniki and a “Masters of Music” degree in Ethnomusicology from the School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London.

From the year 2000 i focus on the study of the Ney (middle-eastern reed flute) and Sufi & Ottoman Classical music learning from outstanding masters from Greece and Turkey. Parallel to that i have studied and played a great variety of instruments from different musical cultures participating in over 50 cross-cultural of the most varied musical genres (Kaval, Bansuri, Irish whistles, Bagpipe, Accordion, Guitar, in Bulgarian, Indian, Medieval, Renaissance, Contemporary & Improvised music, Turkish and Afghan music and more).

My major interest in music is its timeless power to open up –for each person- possibilities for learning, connectedness, creativity as well as its spiritual faculties that can be a valuable tool for a person for understanding himself, understanding the world we live in and ultimately our position in the world.

Anyone that is interested can find out that many musics possess these faculties, not only the “so called” “ancient” or “sacred musics”, but also classical, popular and contemporary genres. In my view, each one of them is unique because of this potential. But in order to find this out one must take a dynamic and creative stance towards music & sound. It can’ t be only a matter of reviving a tradition or mimicking others people’ s playing. I try to reach and communicate this goal through the creation of original compositions, the study and interpretation of early & contemporary music, participating as a guest musician in many different projects and also through teaching.