There is a wide range of projects I am involved. You can check each one from the menu above.

christos-barbas3From my own groups Magnanimus Trio, Neda and Tir Fada, where i compose together with other members of the group, to collaborations with excellent and master musicians as Ross Daly, Zohar Fresco, Efrén López, Murat Aydemir. I participate in the Medieval Music group Ensemble Calixtinus based in Puglia/Italy, as well as La Banda del Pepo based in Murcia/Spain.

Duets project is also a very inspiring and interesting area of playing, recording and investigating the possibilities of two persons to create a universe of sounds. Duets focus on a wide range from Ottoman Classical music and new compositions in Makam music (with Murat Aydemir), to Folk music & Makam (with Evgenios Voulgaris), combination of Medieval polyphony and Modal eterophony (with Peppe Frana), Minimal and Improvisational  music (with Dimitris Tasoudis).